Course Description

Do you feel like you have nothing to put on, even though your closet is crammed with garments? This might be an area that needs some attention, one where changes are due. And also one of vital importance to nature and our climate.

Regardless of whether sustainable clothing is new to you, or you are fully conscious of what it means, you will most probably find subjects of value. Apart from practical and environmental issues regarding clothes, it's also one first step in finding clarity about how you express yourself through clothes. 

The course is divided into five modules, where we will go through the different aspects of what makes a wardrobe sustainable.

The five modules

  1. What is sustainable when it comes to clothes?
  2. Identity, style and cultural values.
  3. A wardrobe purge.
  4. How to care for your clothes in the best way.
  5. What to consider when adding garments to your sustainable wardrobe.

Each module includes:

  • A video, with an introduction to the subject.
  • A multi-media presentation.
  • A downloadable pdf-file with questions to reflect on and/or assignments. 

Holistic designer, author and transformational guide

Annika Thomas

Annika Thomas is a designer of clothes, author and transformational guide. Her professional journey began in the fashion business. As Chief of Design for a large international clothing company she began to see the negative sides of fashion and the clothing industry. A bold decision to leave, to search for a deeper meaning to clothes as well as new ways to work with them, was the beginning of a challenging and exciting journey. Years of deeper studies and experimentation led to new perspectives and a total re-evaluation of her profession. Annika's present focus is holistic, which makes clothes a perfect tool to mold and expand our identity, as well as weave together the inner with the outer. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Annika

    • Instructions

  • 2

    Module 1: What is sustainable when it comes to clothes?

    • Introduction to module 1

    • What is sustainable?

    • Module 1 Workbook

  • 3

    Module 2: Identity, style and cultural values

    • Introduction to module 2

    • Identity, style and cultural values

    • Module 2 Workbook

  • 4

    Module 3: The Wardrobe Purge

    • Introduction to module 3

    • Your Wardrobe Purge

    • Module 3 Workbook

    • Wardrobe analysis

    • Flowchart Wardrobe purge

  • 5

    Module 4: Caring for your clothes in the best way

    • Introduction to module 4

    • How to care for your clothes

    • Module 4 Workbook

  • 6

    Module 5: Adding garments to your sustainable wardrobe.

    • Introduction to module 5

    • Adding garments to your sustainable wardrobe

    • Module 5 Workbook

  • 7


    • Thank You!

    • Questionaire